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Please note I am blogging at a more reasonable hour of 20h30 and not some ungodly hour of the morning!! This means my Jetlag is now well and truly behind me!!


The Rugby Game!

As you know yesterday I was very excited about the Rugby game between New Zealand and Argentina!  I spent the afternoon with my lovely friend and Murielle Louise Fleming where we watched the Rugby game between Australia and South Africa at her house and enjoyed some sparkling wine with Lychee’s (Mon Dieu, it was delish!) and yummy food while we were ‘sitting up like Jackie’ on her couch to cheer on both teams.. turns out she’s an Aussie supporter (hmmm…..) while I barracked for the South Africans (as I told you I would be doing to support my friend Gregg Du Plessis!)

Of course we both stood for the National Anthems with hands on our hearts (not singing though but we may have hummed a few bars!) well….. I had my hand on my heart while Louise had her hand on the other side of her heart but I very quickly pointed that out to her and she redeemed herself while standing there in her lounge room and we silently  p.i.s.s.e.d ourselves with laughter while the National Anthems continued on oblivious to her faux pax!

All Blacks Vs. Argentina!

After the win by Australia (hmmm….) we drove to Lou’s friends’ place to watch the game between New Zealand and Argentina.

Xena and John greeted us warmly to their very spacious apartment with the hugest balcony I have ever seen! We arrived just in time to stand for the National Anthems (again) and this time Murielle knew which side her heart was on and we waited in anticipation for the Haka to commence! Ahhh… you just can’t beat a good Haka! 🙂 

I have to tell you it was a very slow start to the game and I really was on the edge of my seat (Jackie would be so proud!) until our boys kicked a goal which gave them a 3 point lead!  From there I would like to tell you the game was won but no, it took a lot of huffing and puffing from our boys right up to half time where we could at least take a breather and think we might be on the home stretch for a win!

Mmmm…. I would like to point out that we have some seriously gorgeous players in our team and no, I can’t tell you what positions they play or what their names are except for the gorgeous Daniel Carter who unfortunately is out due to a groin injury (hmmm….I wonder if he needs a good physiotherapist!) but I’m positive I could point them out to you while they are on field running round in their tight fitting jerseys and snug fitting shorts!! 🙂 mmmmm…. tom pee… let’s not digress here!!

The 2nd half was played mostly in New Zealand territory (well at least that’s what I’m telling you!) and the final score was 33:10 to New Zealand!

It was such a nice afternoon/evening with Murielle and her friends who were very funny and witty and John certainly knows how to make you laugh! He was wearing this fabulous Tshirt which had the words TEG A TOOR” on it (which is apparently Butchers speak!) and you know for the life of me I couldn’t work out what it was supposed to be! Of course they were laughing at me trying to guess and finally told me!!! … mais, I will leave it for you to work it out yourselves!!

So, next weekend, we move into the Semi Finals of the World Cup!  I can’t wait, Murielle can’t wait, Gregg at this point doesn’t give a **** but he has assured me he will be barracking for the All Blacks!  Oh and don’t worry, I made sure I gave him lots of hugs today in the office as he was a little devastated that his team lost!

So, bring it on and Go the All Blacks!!


a Bientot!








  • Louise Fleming

    Oh Murielle, here I am sitting up in my little recouperation bed (like Jackie..now that I know who the hell Jackie is) LMAO, being reminded that the surgeon might’ve moved my heart, but he didn’t move my stitches.  Please don’t make me larf like that again…for at least a week! xox

    • Anonymous

      ooh Murielle.. did you see Piri Weepu left me a comment??? ooh la laa!! 🙂 🙂 

  • Piri

    It’s a penalty not a goal 🙂

    • Roniece

      🙂 Thanks Piri!!!  I’m not so good when it comes to Rugby speak I’m afraid… but I do love my All Blacks!! 🙂 


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