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All Black Affair…

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A Paris Journey… / My New Zealand / All Black Affair…

Filed Under: My New Zealand July 31, 2011, 12:23

Oh I had a great day today!

Tonight I went with my girlfriend Louise (one of my inner circle Muriels!) to the JADE TAVERN in Chinatown to watch a game of rugby on the big screen. Not just any game mind you but the game played in heaven or so they say!  THE TRI NATIONS rugby is upon us and a series of games are played out between Australia, South Africa and my beloved New Zealand team the mighty All Blacks!

New Zealand played South Africa and won… 40:7

Louise and I took ourselves off to the Jade Tavern located in the Chinatown precinct … when we entered we were greeted with signs saying there were Lingerie waitresses but thank God they were there on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only! LOL  Anyway, we proceeded down the stairs and found the area decked out in Black Balloons and the big screen TV’s were on so we got ourselves a beer – New Zealand Steinlager Pure which of course is the only beer to drink on the evening! The bar was quite small and cosy however we were invited to sit with two guys who already had a Reserved plaque on their table but very graciously made us welcome to sit with them where we had front row seats and after a little bit of shuffling the stools (namely by me!) we settled in to watch the game! The guys we were sitting with Martin and Brent were from KiwiTV an online programme and at some point during half time they went off to interview the manager for his feedback.

The kick off was great, we all stood for the New Zealand Anthem which I was so proud of and sang my little heart out to the english version as I didn’t quite know the Maori version, however it is just as beautiful!  Of course the bar was completely filled with All Black supporters and it was awesome to hear the good old Kiwi accent in full swing complete with all the ‘aye bro’s’ and I even saw some of the ‘brothers’ greeting each other with the traditional Maori greeting of nose touching… I just sat there and absorbed it all in.. a nice Kiwi fix for my day I say!

Bring on the rest of the Tri Nations games… I think next week Australia play New Zealand so that will be a definite must watch!

Go the All Blacks, do us proud for the Bledisloe Cup and the World Cup!





  • Rugby for New Zealand people, is such a religion !  🙂

    You have to support All Blacks!


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