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Journal entry: June 2016

Alors… from the get go, there had been an attraction between her and the 6ft6 handsome black man who worked on the corner of her street in the 5eme. After three years, the attraction was still there for both of them but nothing had come of it until last evening, when, as usual she was walking home from the bar and as usual caught his eye as she was crossing at the lights.

On other evenings, she would stop outside his hotel and wave and blow him a bise and he would smile back and reciprocate in kind, but tonight something changed. When he saw her, he came rushing out the door with his big smile in place and almost lifted her off her feet as he hugged and bised her. He told her she was beautiful, always beautiful and that he really liked her. She was somewhat taken aback by his declaration of love but held her grace and poise and responded with a warm ‘merci, beaucoup, vous est tres gentile’ which made him smile all the more. At that point she politely said her goodbyes and continued down her street at rather a fast pace!

Once inside her apartment, she laughed out loud to no-one in particular but her laughter came from a happy place inside her and this she embraced in the moment. Her last thought though, as she was falling off to sleep was that she would perhaps need to find an alternate route home from the bar in future…or maybe, not.


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