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Bonjour et Bienvenue…


I am Roniece Dawson-Bruce!

Originally from Invercargill, New Zealand but lived for most of my adult life in Sydney, Australia. I lead a normal life… (some would say I lead a charmed life!) I have a beautiful son Marc who is the love of my life and who also shares my passion for traveling.

My passions are all things French! 

The first time I stepped foot on French soil was back in 2005 where I came with my two girlfriends for three days via Italy. I knew the very first minute I hit Paris that this was going to bemy city”, my “favourite city” in the whole world and since then, on a yearly basis I have returned for my vacation time, solo time and have loved every minute, every second, every breath I took in this beautiful city of light!

I looked forward to my time in Paris each year, usually spending the month of September renting my charming little studio in the Quartier Latin from the best landlord in Paris Jacques Seguin.  I have had the good fortune of making some wonderful friends and it was great to connect with them each year and I never missed an opportunity to make new ones!

My language skills are somewhat lacking when it comes to fluent French but I always remember my manners and the rest seems to flow quite nicely especially when I smile and as my friends would say “you are always smiling Roniece”!  ahhh tom pee…! (correct spelling is of course Tant pis! but you know I like how I say it better!)

After 30 years of marriage, I am now free (happily divorced even!) to live wherever I choose …. and yes, you guessed it….

I now live in Paris, France!

You can of course track me down on Facebook and I would be delighted to make your acquaintance! Find me here and a link to my Facebook page: A Paris Journey where you could smile my day and ‘Like’ my page even 🙂

PS: I am also known as Queen Murielle… (hence my sign off (french way of course!) in my posts) as in the internationally acclaimed “The Muriel’s Club” on Facebook, where my Muriels are all fabulous women, represented in 17 countries and who know the true meaning of  “you’re terrible Muriel!” that, along with “chardy hour”!

My daily mantra is “be kind and kindness will follow”… it’s worked so far! 🙂


Forever Paris...

Paris forever!

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One of my passions is to travel. However for more than a few years now I seem to have found myself visiting Paris for extended periods of time.. well, make that weeks at least! i know it won't last forever but while it does... I'm going to enjoy every moment!