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Kia Ora!


I’m still in New Zealand and enjoying some quality family time!


A Tiki Tour!

This morning we went to the airport to farewell my cousin and my sister as they needed to return to Australia.  Vicci (my sister) was flying to Wellington to spend the night with her daughter and Kerry (my cousin) and her husband Richard were returning to Brisbane and taking with them around 18kgs of seafood! Oysters, Crayfish, Whitebait and Blue Cod were amongst their stash and I was very envious of them to say the least!

From there Rob and I headed west to check out Oreti Beach which was still exactly the same as I had left it the last time I was there! You can’t say it’s a pretty beach because really it isn’t, but you can’t say it’s bad either as I do have some good memories from my younger days when we would all hike out there to dig for Toheroa’s in the season and then there were the sandhills that we used to climb up and roll down the hills… ahh nice memories indeed!

We made a stop at the Dairy (love saying the word!) for a bottle of Lemon & Paeroa (L&P!) and of course a Jimmy’s Pie to start us on our Tiki Tour for the day!

Bluff is around a 20 minute drive from Invercargill and so we headed in that direction (maybe after a short discussion on whether we would make it there as a couple!) mais.. tom pee.. ahh the joys of travelling as a couple I say!!

Bluff brought back some nice memories for me.. my parents lived there for a few years after we left Invercargill and even though I didn’t live there with them, it was nice to see our family home again where the neighbour across the road started waving at me so I felt obliged to wave back (as you do Murielle, as you do!) and drive down the main street, around to Stirling Point, up to Bluff Hill and then have a feed of “fush n chups” on the wharf overlooking my Dad’s oyster factory…. Priceless memories for me!

We stopped for our first taste of Hokey Pokey ice cream! Wow! Rob had his dipped in chocolate and it looked pretty good but I chose mine without and trust me, it tasted the best! LOL!!


Of course we had to eat right and as it was the last night in Invercargill for my brother in law Paul and nephew Connor before they headed off to Wellington to meet up with Vicci we all walked around to The Avenal and had a bite to eat (ooh that should be a name of a cafe!). It was a great evening and we shared a few laughs together and the boys played pool while Sharon and I sat and drank some nice wine.

Curio Bay!

Today we went with Kevin (my ex brother in law, but still very much part of our family) for a drive along the coastal road to Curio Bay. It was a great day, we saw some awesome scenery along the way, had some laughs and another Hokey Pokey ice cream! We also met a beautiful couple from Toulouse France! Gregoire et Patrycja are travelling around New Zealand for 3 weeks and it was so lovely to connect with them and when they come back to Sydney we hope to connect with them again.  The coastal route was amazing, I hope my pics do them justice!

Ahh.. nothing like some family time right! My sister Sharon, my brother in law Kevin, my lovely husband Robert all spent a great evening together over good food, good wine, good memories and laughter.. can’t beat that can you!!


a Bientot!


Je vous embrasse tous!






  • Michael

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos! Couldn’t get away wearing anything that shows bare legs or arms here this time of year. And ANY beach is beautiful Roniece…don’t ever forget it! I remember trying  Lemon & Paeroa, but can’t say it sticks hard in my memory 🙂 I do believe it was on a similar “couples” trip if you know what I mean! Glad you’re having fun!

  • Deborah Lee

    Thanks for my lovely postcard from New Zealand – a place I would love to visit.  My mother was there in the 70’s and loved it.  It was very thoughtful for you to remember to send me a card.  Have a great trip.

    • Roniece

      Hi Deborah… you are most welcome!! So pleased it found you!  🙂  When I’m next in Paris I will send you another one! 🙂 


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