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I have just returned from a week in Sweden with my gorgeous son Marc, and his fiancee, Rebecca! Below is an account of what I got up to! 🙂


 DSC_0832Thursday, 19th

  • I was up early to do final preparations to my Studio for the building’s resident painter, Monsieur Ribeno Clement to come and paint my studio in my absence!
  • I may have taken the train in the wrong direction from Place St Michel (ok, ok, I did!) but I asked this nice young man on the train if I was going in the right direction and ended up with two ‘easy on the eyes guys’ helping me in English!
  • Alors…back to Place St Michel to start again!
  • RER B to CDG.. sans drama!
  • Check in process went fine, though I had to discard my boots, jewellery, coat and scarf, but made it thru x-ray ok!
  • I purchased some Lauderee for my baby and his girl… rose petal and caramel burre sel!
  • Flight ok … surrounded by men, again, ‘easy on the eye men’!! One guy sat opposite me one behind, kept looking at me and so, when we made our destination, he smiled at me as I stood up so I smiled back… he was also waiting for me to pass him by once we were in the terminal so I simply smiled and wished him a bonjour and went on my way! (as you do Muriel, as you do!)
  • Copenhagen Airport… mon dieu! There were no meeters or greeters! How strange as I thought I was going to have to battle my way thru them mais non!.. tom pee!
  • Ticket purchase for my trip on the train… for some reason I thought I was already in Sweden! LOL … but as the kind ticket lady told me when I was about to offer her 500 Kroner for my 120 Kroner train ticket… she said “well, that’s a bit silly, because I will only give you Danish coins back”! ok, ok, I had a blonde Muriel moment for sure!!
  • Train trip from Copenhagen to Malmö was ok.. sans drama, no toilet issues whatsoever!
  • My gorgeous son Marc was waiting on the Platform at Malmö as promised and there were hugs all round! But I was strong, no tears!
  • We waited a short time at Starbucks for Rebecca, his fiancée to join us
  • We then boarded a coach to take us to a corporate event at Öresund Bridge
  • Delightful evening, drinking good wine and eating very nice food! The sunset over the bridge was the absolute highlight of the evening
  • Marc loves his plants so I managed to buy them two, an asparagus fern which looked very healthy and which my Mom used to have an abundance of in my childhood home and a pot of violets for Rebecca! Hopefully, they will remind them of me!
  • Coached back to Malmö and train to Helsingborg
  • They are now in a different apartment from last year, much bigger and very comfortable! Rebecca works at Ikea when she is not at Uni, so all of their furnishings come from there… predominately white with a splash of colour! It also has a great ambience for entertaining!

DSC_0951Friday, 20th

  • I had a good sleep, a little noisy as my room was on the street side.. opposite Sam’s Bar! Tom pee…
  • Today, we breakfasted together then walked into the city as they live in the CBD (central business district, as we would say in Australian terms!) We went to a Greek style restaurant, Mezzo for lunch … delicious!
  • Friday evening we played card games and the awesome Pirate Ship Game which Marc won but have no fear, I was the winner the next morning!

DSC_0995Saturday, 21st

  • Another good sleep, followed by breakfast then it was all hands on deck for another round of the Pirate Ship Game which I’m pleased to announce (again) that I was victorious in winning!!!
  • In the afternoon, we took the train to Lund which is where Marc attends University and he showed us where his study halls and University were located.
  • We took our Fika (afternoon tea!) at a little café called Incognito close to the train station and I have to say their coffee and cheesecake were the best EVAH!!
  • Train back to Helsingborg sans drama, may have stopped at the System Bolaget store (which is the only chain in Sweden controlled by the government to sell alcohol) to purchase some ahem… cardbordeaux… which was excessively expensive!! Tom pee.. Queen Muriel and her daughter-in-law-to-be (DILTB) has to indulge in Chardy Hour right! It’s a QM privilege after all!
  • An Easter tradition in Sweden is to decorate your surroundings with bright coloured feathers attached to branches, so we stopped at the local market so Rebecca could get some branches and once we were home, we all helped decorate the vase. They even gifted me some Easter candy! 🙂
  • Another fun night of cards and chardy and laughter!

Sunday, 22nd

  • Lazy day Sunday for me! Marc and Rebecca went out while I stayed in my jammies (hey, it was Sunday and Sunday is my jammies day in Paris!) for as long as I could!
  • When they returned, we all congregated in the kitchen and started our cook-fest… making banana cake, carrot cake and then I made Lasagna for dinner!
  • Of course Chardy Hour was featured and it was a great meal shared together with more laughter and fun
  • We then proceeded to have a Sing Star competition in the salon! Such fun and there even was a little bit of ABBA featured just for me!

DSC_1214Monday, 23rd

  • Little did I know what my gorgeous boy and his girl had in store for me today!
  • We breakfasted together then took a bus to Mölle where they told me we would be hiking in a forest!
  • Exciting right!
  • Hmmm….. if I had known then what I know now… not so much.. because at the point of writing this blog post, I can hardly move!!!
  • Still, moving on…. we exited the bus in the middle of nowhere… I was trying to keep positive at this point!
  • We cross to the opposite side of the road and walk down a gravel road.. I see trees in the distance and this is when Marc says “wow, how exciting, are you excited guys, we are heading into a forest’!
  • D’accord, d’accord… that hill looks a tad high darling!
  • Moving on..
  • We may have stumbled on a group of nice folks eating their lunch and thought we could walk right thru mais non… we had to walk around the outside of the buildings.
  • From there we walked up the gravel road and into my first EVAH Swedish forest!
  • Forest is what forest does right? Mon Dieu! It was big and it was grande and very very quiet!!!
  • We were the only ones on the track and I may have had to suppress my nervous urges about crazy people hiding behind bushes ready to kidnap or kill us! LOL… my mind really does wander off course sometimes.. tom pee!
  • We started our DESCENT because of course we had already used our legs to ASCEND the ‘hill’!
  • DESCENT is such a big word when used in hiking terms!!!!!!!!!
  • We continued to go down and down and down and down without any respite in sight! Tom pee.. eventually, we made the fabulous site of Nimis! Wow!!!!!!! This structure could take your breath away!
  • I was a tad hesitant to go inside the structure, but my darling son assured me “Mom, it has so many nails, you are so safe before you even step a foot inside it”!!! ok, ok, I needed to embrace the structure which I did!
  • Pretty cool… once you get into the heart of it!
  • And even more cooler once you reach the outside area of the rocks!
  • The sea was so calm and so cool… made me want to embrace it, mais non, I was reminded it was still March in Europe and it would have been a tad cold!
  • We explored the whole of Nimis from the rocks area… awesome and then some and our local photographer for the day (ie: Rebecca) kept us entertained with her instructions to ‘Marc, stand on that rock, Roniece, you stand there, right, now smile….. !)  She also kept reminding us that “you will thank me once you see the pictures” ….. she was right of course!!! x
  • I took a moment to ‘hug’ a tree, ok, ok, I hugged two trees actually and that made me feel good as I missed out on my FREE HUGS DAY in Paris which they held at the Georges Pompidou Centre the day before.. tom pee, I’m positive my two trees felt my love! 🙂
  • We ascended up thru the Nimis structure and UP THE GOD DAMN HILL AGAIN!!!!!!!!! to a flat surface……… getting our breaths, gaining our composure, before choosing the path we would take to the exit
  • Little did we know………….. our tour guide for the day (ie: Marc!) would choose the RED MARKERS to follow, which in turn, had us following the BLUE MARKERS, which in turn THANK GOD led us to the YELLOW MARKERS which in turn led us back to the RED MARKERS!!!! Which in turn, at this point of the game plan, I asked an 11yr old boy riding his bike with his Dad for directions by saying “Hello, do you speak English, can you help us find the nearest bus stop please”!! (which, if you stop to think about it, that in itself is kinda funny right!, looking for a bus stop in the middle of a forest!!) LOL! to which he replied with great enthusiasm! “YES!!, I speak English”! ……… and from there, thanks to his expert directions, we made it out alive!!!!!
  • It was a long train/bus ride home but the day was so worth it along with the great memories and photos courtesy of my gorgeous DILTB (daughter-in-law-to-be) !!! I will be forever in her debt for capturing some one-on-one time with my gorgeous son!
  • Home, we made it home to the warmth and comfy of their delightful apartment and enjoyed a well deserved glass of vin rouge!

Tuesday, 24th

  • OH MON DIEU!!… the enthusiasm for my hiking in a Swedish forest the day before suddenly diminished to ‘what the hell was I thinking’!! My legs were a tad sore and I was aching all over!! Tom pee… you smile and carry on right!
  • Rebecca had school today and Marc had an appointment in Malmö to complete his Visa requirements for his permanent residency status so I tagged along with him for the morning and enjoyed another bus and train ride in Sweden! Swedish trains are so very clean, on time and comfortable! The scenery is also awesome! ie: easy on the eyes guys everywhere!
  • The Immigration building was a good 40mins out of Malmö central so another bus took us directly right outside the premises. Once inside it was a relatively quick process for him to have his fingerprints taken and then we headed back to Malmö to take lunch at a great Italian style restaurant, of which the name has escaped me, but trust me the pizza and pasta were sooooo good!
  • Back in the apartment, we were greeted by the gorgeous Rebecca who had finished her class early, and what do you know, it was already ‘Chardy Hour’!
  • Rebecca prepared dinner for us which was delicious and then some! Her chicken in cream sauce along with homemade pizza slices were amazing!
  • We enjoyed our last evening together sitting in their kitchen, chatting, laughing, talking about their upcoming summer holiday to Stockholm to spend time with Rebecca’s parents, followed by 10 days with me in Paris in June and then, in August, Marc’s Dad and girlfriend will come to Sweden to see them both and they will hopefully, all go together to Greece for a few days of rest and relaxation!
  • Today my darling nephew Lachlan turned 22yrs old in Canberra, Australia! I can’t believe how the time has flown, I was present at his birth and now he is this tall, confident, kind, caring beautiful young man and I love him as much as I love my own son… I am blessed to have been gifted with such a wonderful nephew. I feel the same about each of my nephews and nieces… blessed am I!

DSC_1173Wednesday, 25th

  • I was up early, ok, wait, no, I wasn’t… more like 09h30ish… but what the hell, I’m calling it early-ish ok!
  • MON DIEU, MON DIEU!!! This morning was even worse! My legs, my back, my whole body was aching!!! I thought I was going to die!!!! LOL!!!! Ok, ok, slight exaggerated point there but you get my drift ok!
  • Marc and Rebecca both had school today so I decided to go with Marc on the train at midday to Lund and then continue onto Copenhagen airport.
  • I said my fond farewells but not goodbye to my gorgeous DILTB, the lovely and beautiful Rebecca and hugged her tight and thanked her for wonderful kindness and love she extended to me during my visit. I know, in my heart she is the girl for my baby and I love her dearly!
  • I then had to say my farewell to my gorgeous son, my baby, I know he will roll his eyes at the word ‘baby’ but it is what it is and I’m so going to patent that word at some point! He is my world, my everything and always will be.
  • Arrival at Copenhagen airport sans drama or toilet incident
  • Check in process was fast and without drama and I asked the x-ray guy if I needed to remove my shoes to which he responded “no, it’s ok, you get one free pass’ ok, then, I gave it my best shot and got thru!
  • My flight didn’t leave until 19h00 but no matter, I like airports so it was no problem for me to spend 5hrs people watching, drinking some wine at the bar and enjoying the atmosphere.
  • Funny moment at the bar… a British guy asks the Danish bartender in his very posh UK accent “do you do coke”, response in English from the Danish bartender, “ahhh man, I’m Danish, sometimes I do”….. awkward pause from the British guy until he gets it and we all start laughing! Very funny indeed!
  • Another entertaining moment was when two ‘easy on the eyes’ guys asked in English if they could share my table and of course I said YES!!!
  • Once they were seated I was totally mesmerised by their BLUE EYES! And so, me, being me, I told them so by saying “excuse me, but do all Danish people have such beautiful blue eyes”… one of them said “we are actually from Finland, and you too have beautiful blue eyes, where are you from”!
  • I said I was from New Zealand but now living in Paris, to which they responded with ‘ahhhh, the All Blacks’!! Ok, ok, I liked them equally as much at this point!
  • Meanwhile the British guy seated in front of me was making direct eye contact and smiled my way…. mon dieu! soooo many gorgeous men, so little time to spend in Copenhagen airport!!!!!
  • ZUT! My two gorgeous Finnish guys with the eyes of blue had to leave and catch their flight so I wished them a safe travels and told them to keep their ‘blue eyes’ smiling, which they responded in kind by saying ‘you too’!  It’s just the little things that can bring smiles to your day right!
  • Next…… a handsome young man from Somalia took their place at my table, he told me he was travelling to Milan to meet his wife and son for a week’s vacation. He had lived the majority of his life in Amsterdam. He told me it was a very vibrant and colourful city to live in and he hoped that I could visit it one day! I liked his ‘joie de vivre’ and he wished me a pleasant flight as he left.
  • Alors… so after 3 vin rouges, I decided I needed to go find something to eat before my flight
  • Who knew how delicious a ‘pulled pork’ hamburger with the works could be after 3 vin rouges? Miam, Miam!
  • My gate was finally announced and so I found my way back to Terminal 1, Gate A20 and patiently waited to board.
  • Good thing I found a quiet space to charge my laptop and phone!
  • My flight went relatively quickly and apart from the rather shakey take off which  seemed like we were battling high winds, we were finally Paris bound without further ado..
  • It was my first time landing into Orly Airport, which I found was very easy to manoeuvre my way round and very quickly found the Orly Bus which would take me to Denfert Rocherau for only E7,90, even cheaper than the RER! From there I connected to line 6 to Place d’talie then a change to line 7 direct to Place Monge. Voila! I was home within the hour!
  • A very nice surprise was waiting for me too! As I mentioned above my lovely landlady Nathalie had agreed to paint my Studio apartment in my absence and I was delighted to see the result! It looks much fresher now!!

Thursday, 26th

  • Today, my darling nephew Connor turns 18yrs old! (brother to Lachlan). I’m so proud of him too! Next week he is off to start his adventure working on our family friend’s Diary Farm in Southland, New Zealand. He loves animals, nature and is very outdoorsy! Again, in a blink of an eye, they grow up!! Happy Birthday darling, I love you and miss you! xxx



Alors, so that was my adventure in Sweden! So happy and grateful I got to spend time with my baby and his girl too!


a Bientot!







  • Planejane

    It sounds like a wonderful visit! I’m so happy that Rebecca is so warm and loving towards you! As the saying goes, you’re not losing a son, you’re gaining a daughter! Visits in June and August! How great!

    • Roniece

      thanks lovely… she makes a great ‘chardy hour’ Muriel that’s for sure! 🙂 I love the bones of her! 🙂 x


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