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A surprise visit…

and getting to know Miss Mia!


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Filed Under: My Friends December 28, 2010, 13:38

I just love surprise visits!!

Yesterday, my beautiful friend Holly dropped in with her husband Ross and their gorgeous soon to be 2yr old little girl named Mia. It has been a few years since I have seen Holly but she is definitely a constant in my life and I love her very much!

They are visiting from Bairnsdale, Victoria and it was just so wonderful to see them. Holly & Ross gave me a beautiful gift of a diary with some wonderful pics of Paris on each page, just lovely and I will use it to write some poetry in it…

Meeting Miss Mia!

It was the first time we have met Mia, she is one very switched on, very beautiful, and very loving little girl! She warmed immediately to Marc and of course loved our babies, Ollie and Otto and they were very good around her, letting her pat them without fuss.

Fun times with Holly!

I first met Holly in the late 1990’s when we worked together at the number one PR agency in North Sydney… she became my assistant and we enjoyed some wonderful times together, it was the ‘mildred & muriel’ show for awhile, we had a fantastic boss and after we left the agency, things took a turn for the worse (ah well, that’s what we believe anyway!) and they reduced their staff numbers considerably and lost their number one rating! (I so believe in Karma!)

Friends are definitely special… and we must always be grateful and thankful for such people who bring us smiles..

love you Holly xx



  • Jo

    What a beautiful little girl!

    Yes, friends are the glue that holds our lives together. Love your blog, Muriel!

  • Roniece

    Thanks so much Jo… Happy New Year to you Muriel! xx

  • Holly

    Love you too Muriel..loooots and looots and I am so glad you finally got to meet Miss Mia in person xxx


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