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L'Appetit Sauvage Loup!

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I know this is out of the ordinary and I know I haven’t reviewed many bars/restaurants on here before, but still, when one experiences something good, then one should shout it to the world right?


L’Appetit Sauvage Loup

44 rue du Louvre

01 42 36 73 23

This evening on my way to dinner, I stopped for an apero and discovered a great little bar/restaurant in the 1eme! I chose to sit indoors due to the patrons smoking on the terrasse and I’m pleased I did!

Once inside I was greeted warmly with a ‘bonjour madame’ from a well presented young man who gifted me his smile and showed me a table just inside the main entrance. The staff all spoke perfect English which was a pleasant surprise and they seemed to genuinely like their job, which again was nice to see.

The decor was light, bright and very eclectic in style. Peahens with their vibrant feathers, stag horns, moose heads, pelicans and legs of ham decorated the surroundings, along with candles placed on each table all added to the atmosphere and ambience of this great little find in the 1eme! The ceiling is decorated in large white light bulbs which again, adds to the relaxed vibe of the bar.

There was a rotisserie which had plump chickens and a suckling pig turning on the spit and in front of that was a long butchers table for dining purposes, again, all very inviting. I didn’t get a chance to try their menu but I did note they served ‘fish and chips’ which being a girl from New Zealand would take some serious impressing on my part, but it’s definitely a challenge I would be willing to take on!

The bar offers a good range of natural and organic wines and I tried a Cotes du Rhone as my apero for the evening. A tad pricey but the glass was a generous portion and accompanied by some olives.

I would definitely recommend this bar in the 1eme and look forward to returning!


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