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Filed Under: My Paris April 3, 2015, 19:34


I thought we had sprung into spring… but no, the winter gods seem to be hanging on for dear life! Tom pee…


Intervention of me!

Yes, yes, it’s all about me (isn’t it always!). Alors…something is bothering me and what better way than to share the load right or, get a load off as we say in Kiwi speak!

It seems I have a lot of friends who worry about me which I appreciate very much, but sometimes, I just wish they would let me get on with my life and stop with the questions and queries and words of concern about my love life (or lack of!), my penchant for chardy hour, my frequenting of bars only in my quartier, the friends I choose to know, how much alcohol I consume, how little food I eat etc, etc..

Maybe I’m sounding a tad critical (and being critical is not one of my traits!) and maybe I may lose some friendships after I post this and that is ok with me. Though what I have learned about myself over the last two years of living alone in Paris is that I have become much stronger as a woman and I know now that my new found strength has come from within and I’m very proud of that!

I know now I have a voice and I believe in me!

One of my favorite quotes of late has been ‘what other people think of you is none of your business’ which is true, I can’t change people’s opinions of me and I probably wouldn’t want to either and everyone is entitled to their opinions, but when I disagree, then I will simply and quietly say I disagree. Nothing more to add to this.

Donc… so to all my cherished and treasured friends who read this, thank you for letting me vent, for caring about me, loving me, supporting me and most of all, encouraging me on my life journey. For my part, I will continue on my way, living, laughing and loving with a splash of chardy hour thrown in for good measure!

To any of my friends, who choose to take offense at this posting, then I thank you for reading to the end because we most probably won’t stay friends after this…. Tom pee!

One more thing… Happy Easter to you all! and to the Spring Gods.. hurry up and arrive or you will miss your chance! 🙂


a bientot!






  • Planejane

    I love you exactly as you are. If you’re happy, I’m happy!!

    • sistereurope

      me too!

      • Roniece

        ma guuurl… merci xxx

    • Roniece

      thanks my bestie xx I’m happy xx

  • denise

    One of the wonderful things about you is that you are completely unaware of your positive qualities. A true friend loves you no matter what. This is you…..and I hope its me too, for this is what you taught me. Xx love Denise.

    • Roniece

      thank you my darling friend… and your positive qualities are outstanding! much love xx

  • Dawn

    Just catching up on my fav Aunt…don’t worry about what people think. You’re a wonderful and fun person who we love to bits! Continue to live and be happy!! Dawn xxx

    • Roniece

      Oh how you smile me my darling niece! Xxxx

  • Sue Whittaker

    Life is for living, and for living it the way you want to. I for one admire your guts for taking life by the balls and having fun. Go girl 😉 xx


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