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Filed Under: My New Zealand November 22, 2012, 20:00

Kia Ora!


Only 5 weeks to Christmas and that means only 4 weeks 6 days til my Birthday! ☺ Ah yes.. it’s all about me! ☺



Donc.. I’m still in the land of the Long White Cloud where I have been staying with my sister in Invercargill. It really is quite nice to be home again though the Weather Gods seem to be continuously fighting over whose day it is .. so far the Sun, Rain, Wind and Hail Gods have gifted us with their presence and yes… all of them on one day too! Tom pee right! ☺

My sister is in the process of completing some major renovations to her house and for the last couple of weeks I have been entertaining the painter on a daily basis while she goes off to work!

Nooooo wait.. I meant entertaining in the sense of providing him with morning and afternoon tea complete with biscuits! Hahaha.. no, wait, that didn’t come out right either! Mon Dieu… anyway.. he is a nice guy… Trev is his name and this morning he contributed to our morning ritual by bringing some of his home made Belgian Biscuits!! They were absolutely delish!! Tomorrow is his last day and he said he would bring me some more as a parting gift! 🙂 Not every day a painter provides morning tea for his client huh! 🙂

My big sis is a natural when it comes to interior decorating… she definitely has the eye to mix and match and turn a room around in no time flat! I’m in awe of how much talent she has!  If she lets me I will post some pics of her house when it’s finished on the inside!

Another fun thing I managed to do was to get a can of Coke with my name printed on it! Who would have thought my name would be up in lights on a Coke Can!

As I was driving home the other day by Queens Park I noticed the Coke truck (correction.. the Coke Happiness Truck!) pulled up on the grass with a small number of people milling around it so of course curiosity got the better of me and I went to have a look!

All I had to do was just say my name and voila! my name came up on the screen on the back of the truck and then out popped my can with my name (thankfully spelt correctly!) on it! I wasn’t quick enough because I should have said my name was “Muriel” but as they were only issuing one can per person I missed out on that wonderful opportunity! Another tom pee moment I think!

It was pretty cool actually and I also think probably it was the first Roniece they printed.. well at least in Invercargill!  But then again, who knows since I’ve been gone my name could suddenly be popular and in the top 10 list of girls names even!  Hahaha…I know, I know pigs might fly too Muriel!… 🙂

Speaking of Muriel… my little brother came around this evening to commence work on my sister’s deck, he has been allocated the job of cleaning it using a high pressure hose. It’s a big job and he said that he would only do a demo tonight to show my sister how well it will come up and will finish it in the weekend for her.

For those of you that know my big sister this didn’t exactly sit well with her as she is anxious to have everything done at the snap of her fingers… 🙂 Still, my little brother did manage to bring a smile to her eye when he set about writing the name “Muriel” on the deck as he was demo-ing the machine! I so love my little brother!

Today I went and got myself a Hokey Pokey ice cream! Mmm… miam miam!! According to Wikipedia this is how they describe the flavor which I think describes it rather well!

“Hokey Pokey a flavour of ice cream in New Zealand consisting of plain vanilla ice cream with small, solid lumps of honeycomb toffee known as “hokey pokey” in New Zealand. The original recipe until around 1980 consisted of solid toffee, but in a marketing change Tip-Top decided to use small balls of honeycomb toffee instead.”

Trust me it is the only flavor worth having in New Zealand! mmmm… miam miam I might have to have another one tomorrow!





I think that’s it for now!


a Bientot!







  • Michael

    Well I’m just getting around to reading your blog, but seems I’m up to date thanks to Facebook. Too bad I can’t fly down for a weekend. Sounds like your family deserves a few medals 🙂 Let’s chat soon…

  • denise

    Cool coke can Muriel! I want one. The hokey Cokey ice cream looks great too. Can you export that to Europe ? Love Denise


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