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Filed Under: My Work October 27, 2010, 20:59

Today my boss took me to lunch to celebrate my 8 year anniversary with the Company. Well, if truth be told, I actually scheduled it in his diary! 🙂

I work for a large Buying/Marketing Group in Sydney and have a busy role of Executive Assistant to the CEO and I am also Office/HR Manager for the Group.  We have around 150 personnel in our North Shore office so you can imagine there is a quite a bit of organisation required to keep the office running smoothly and in good order.

Exactly what does Muriel do!

My duties can vary significantly as I juggle my 3 roles and sometimes it can get a little confusing as I try to sort out a myriad of tasks that require use of  my IP and expertise around the office! 🙂 Basically though, it comes down to Kitchens, Toilets, Carparks, Diary, and being as patient as I can with people and their wonderful and creative queries! …. (that last bit really is under exaggerated! )  🙂  I guess I am in effect, the “go to’ person for the office, everyone has to have one of those right!  🙂 What I like about my HR role is that I have access to all our new staff that come on board and so I am probably the only one in the office who can remember everyone’s name and title at any given time,  though I do have a great memory for names which does come in very handy!


So today, I had scheduled in my CEO’s diary that he would take me to lunch to celebrate this significant event which he was more than happy to do. My lovely assistant made a reservation for us at  ADLIB RESTAURANT at Pymble on the North Shore (Sydney) where their website states “Ad Lib Bistro has quickly become a welcome slice of Paris in Pymble”. 🙂

I have eaten at this Bistro a few times and each time I have been delighted with their food, wine and excellent service. (Shame their waiters aren’t dressed like the waiters in Paris though!) 🙂

Today’s choice of food was for starters 6 of the most succulent and plump Hawkesbury River oysters (which as you know I just adore oysters!!) followed by a wonderful serve of barramundi fish topped with slivered almonds, green beans and lots of butter!  We enjoyed a bottle of New Zealand Organic Sauvignon Blanc from Central Otago which was extremely good. I demurely refrained from dessert and enjoyed a good coffee instead. Conversation was filled with lots of input from both of us and I’m pleased to say there were no awkward silences! 🙂

8 years of Service!

If I reflect back on my 8 years of working for this Company I would have to say there have been numerous changes and I have witnessed some interesting things happen along the way, some of which were great, some of which were ordinary and some of which were not so good. Having said that, I think what makes my Company a great Company to work for is a clear and concise Vision for all, a great and inspiring leader at the helm, a strong Board who are willing to contribute and last but not least the quality of its people who are committed, focused and always happy to take on a challenge!  I am very lucky that I get to work with such a great boss, he is  strategic in his thinking, doesn’t suffer fools lightly, has a very calm nature to him, is quick witted, enjoys his outdoor activities, loves his family and most of all tolerates my blondness and my continual nagging to tidy his desk! 🙂

Yes, I am very proud to be a Leading Edge person and I hope it will continue for many years to come! 🙂

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