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I know I have had some time out from my blog… but don’t give up on me ok, I’m still here, living, laughing and loving as best I can!


What defines me!

Recently, one of my besties from Bolton in the UK asked the question on her blog ‘How do you define yourself?”…. for her it was that she was proud to be known as a “Northerner” and went on to explain the reason why… you can read her blog here…Denisefrombolton…. My friend is such a talented writer that sometimes I’m in absolute awe of her writing and how she can clearly express her thoughts so distinctly and eloquently … she really does impress the hell out of me and I love her to bits!! ☺

Alors…. I thought I would answer her question here.. well, I say answer, but what I really mean is ‘attempt’ to, as I will never fit into the same category as my bestie, the Northerner!


This is what defines me!


I’m defined by my first name, Roniece …you would have to agree, it is unusual and not your run of the mill (not that run of the mill names are boring or anything like that!) name. Apparently, the story goes, that my parents had two good friends named Ronald and Bernice and that truth be told my older sister Sharon named me because in essence, she couldn’t pronounce both their names separately and so called them Ron et Niece…. ☺ I owe great things to my big sister! I love my name!! Well, now I do! It wasn’t all that easy having a ‘unique’ name in my primary and high school years, but I got by and in my adult life I simply embraced it and loved it and relished the fact that some people couldn’t even pronounce it! (actually, today, it still applies!) It is actually a welsh name and it means “grand life” Hell, I’ll take that, no questions asked! ☺

I’m defined by my parents, Brian and Celma… I come from hard working, kind of heart, loyal and well respected parents and am very proud of both of them… my dad, a commercial fisherman and my mom, who worked at many jobs that kept me and my 4 siblings fed and warm with a roof over our heads and ensured we all had a good education. They always showed us their love and were never afraid to hug or kiss us, yes, it was all about love… love for each other. Both of them taught me valuable lessons in life and today I draw on those life lessons more and more…

I’m defined by my first love, David…who I grew up with from age 5 to age 16. During those years, I grew to love him unconditionally, and I think he grew to love me ……. albeit cut short by his passing two weeks short of his 16th Birthday which devastated me beyond words… and to this day I can still evoke such strong emotions for him through my poetry. It is, what it is and I know and firmly believe, he is always with me, guiding me to be the best I can.

I’m defined by the father of my son, Robert… who helped me blossom from a shy, naïve (ok, the naïve part is still there to an extent!) and innocent (long gone!) young woman in my 20’s to the strong and blessed woman I am today. He was always there for me and I know at some point he loved me. He has been an excellent role model for our son and continues to be there for him. I wish him happiness and new love moving forward.

I’m defined by my son, Marc…from the minute he was born, he held my heart and soul to ransom (thankfully, there is no ransom big enough that will ever release it!). I love him unconditionally. He was such an adorable child, full of questions and always giving his hugs to anyone who wanted them. We were blessed that his teenage years were free from harm and as a young adult he discovered the joys of travelling the world. Today, at 29, he continues to learn and discover new things and his heart is still as big and as open with everyone he meets. He in turn, is now my teacher and he told me that it is important to give back to a community, hence my volunteer work at The American Cathedral in Paris. His trait for kindness is all encompassing and I’m very proud of him. I love you Marc!

Lastly, I’m defined by me!… I am the happiest I have ever been, I’m free to make my own decisions, I’m loved by many and hopefully, one day I will love again… time will tell, but for now I’m living, laughing and embracing being a woman in my 50’s, I’m simply embracing being me!

That is all for now, but I plan on writing more, so stick with me if you can! …. 🙂 


a bientot!







  • Johanne Dupuis

    You are a true inspiration, my darling Roniece. What makes you, you, is what makes everyone else love you! We are all the sum of our parts and your parts add up to a lovely, generous, caring, funny, sweet, brave, strong woman! You are rebuilding your life to what you want it to be and showing us how to keep moving forward and love life! You rock, my friend with the unique name!

    • Roniece

      thanks Jo! you are always so kind and generous with your words.. my heart thanks you! xx

  • Marc

    Magnificent writing mum, really touched my heart and I’m very proud that you are my mother. Plus I learned something, that your name was coined by Aunty Sharon! Who would have thought!

    • Roniece

      and my night here in Paris is made all the more better because of your beautiful words my darling son.. thank you! xxx love you to the moon and back! xxx

  • Bernadette Geraghty

    Truly lovely writing….made me happy to have met you even for a short time whilst I was in Paris….please keep writing!

    • Roniece

      Thank you Bernadette!! I’m honoured that you took some time to read me lovely!! It was a pleasure to have met you in Paris… hope to see you again! Paris will miss your beautiful smile until you return!.. Hope the Jetlag is not too bad for you! Bisous!

  • Cheryl Alderman

    What a beautiful and honest piece Roniece. I love how you weave yourself through your writing. Keep loving and living and keep being YOU! xo

    • Roniece

      Thank you my lovely Muriel! xx

  • Denise

    oh this made me so emotional, and not just for the nice things you said about me. Lovely to read how you define yourself and what is important to you.
    I am sure that Marc learned his kindness from you and it sounds like he is teaching it back. Funny how this love goes round and round, your parents loved you and showed kindness, you in turn passed that on to your son and he is passing it back to you and will no doubt pass it on to his children.
    You are one of the kindness most genuine people I know and you have passed it on to me too and are an inspiration ( and probably to many others.) Love this writing and your poetry.

    Love Denise.

    • Roniece

      Thank you my darling Muriel and bestie xxxx


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