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Today, I went on a day trip out of Paris! ZUT! It was soooo much fun!!


Meeting the locals!

Alors… my lovely friend and Muriel, Margarita, from Sydney, has been in Paris for the last few days and last night we met at LPC (Le Petit Cardinal) for chardy hour and I introduced her to a few of the locals who were there; Pierre, Pascal, Yanick, Kamel, Laurent (who made a joke about me being wobbly on my feet after drinking too much vin rouge!), Michel, Rolfe, Mounim (mmmmm….) yes, there were a few locals that greeted us with a bisous … tom pee… !

We then headed up the hill to see my ‘boys’ the gorgeous MD (Moroccan Delight!) (wait, he does have a real name though!) and Ghazi who immediately made her feel welcome which simply smiled my heart!! Ghazi was in charge of the music and delighted us with songs from the past; John Hurt, Joe Cocker, Simon et Garfunkel… he has a great ‘ear’ for music and knows many artists and their backgrounds which I am constantly in awe of!

So, between the drinking and the dancing it was decided that we both should do a day trip out of Paris and my MD immediately suggested Trouville as a destination along with a restaurant choice! Impossible not to take up his suggestion right? 🙂

Gare St Lazare to Deauville/Trouville and back!

I just want to say, it was a great idea of my MD’s to set the alarm on my phone for this morning before leaving the bar last night! tom pee…. 🙂

Alors… my Muriel and I agreed to meet at 10h30 at Gare St Lazare which, thanks to my ‘alarm’ going off at 07h00 I was up and ready for my day!

We purchased our tickets and had time for a coffee at one of the little cafes opposite the Gare….. great coffee and great customer service too!

We made our way back to the Gare and sorted out which platform we needed to be on and boarded the train accordingly. Albeit, we didn’t have a seat allocation for this leg of the journey so we just chose a ‘carriage’ and jumped on! Luckily, I asked the conductor as she was passing if we were in fact, on the right carriage and right seating … non, we were sitting in a ‘reserved’ seat so we moved across the aisle and all was well with our Muriel world!

IMG_20150127_192329_249A Queen Muriel moment!

Alors…. seriously, this next bit is going to be hilarious, so please, my Muriels, … get your panty liners ready! (oh, wait, I may have just talked outside my Muriel head)  I must remember, that my Maurice’s read me too!!! Tom pee…

So… half way thru our train journey, Margarita decided she needed to use the toilet and returned, no drama. I decided that I too may want to use the toilet so I made my way down the carriage and exited into the corridor where there were two toilets, one being used, one available with the door wide open, clearly, one would choose the open door right? Hmmmm….. bad move….. first thing, it apparently, evidently, was the MEN’S TOILET and second thing………….. after I closed the door and turned the lock and used the toilet and washed my hands, I discovered that the door on the inside had no handle to get out!!! The look on my face was ‘priceless’ to say the least as I had entered the fateful door sans my phone!

Mild panic may have set in….. and the first thing I thought of was if I had my phone I could call my MD and tell him of my dire situation but then I thought his response would be along the lines of “soooooo, what do you want me to do about that exactly” LOL!!!!! And then I came up with the brilliant idea of banging the shite out of the door and speaking in French saying “Hello, can anyone help me please”??????? I did that for 5 minutes until this gorgeous young  boy came to my rescue by knocking on the door saying “it’s ok, I will get you out” and he simply turned the handle from the outside and VOILA, I was out!

When I re-entered the carriage, the first half of the carriage were ALL laughing and clapping their hands and the gorgeous boy who ‘freed’ me said in English “it’s ok, we ALL heard you banging on the door and pleading for help”!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Mon Dieu!!! I was laughing so much!! And then this gorgeous girl, spoke up and said “it’s ok, I was the first to do it”!! which brought more laughter!!  When I finally made it down the aisle to my seat, I said out loud to Margarita “My god, Muriel, I was locked in the toilet”!! LOL which may have made the other half of the carriage laugh out loud too! It was the most hilarious of moments and while I’m typing this, I’m laughing out loud to no-one in particular!! Margarita assured me that she would have come looking for me or perhaps she would have seen me with my hands and face pressed to the window after she exited the train and then come to my rescue.. either or.. just know.. I got out of that damn Men’s Toilet ONLY JUST IN TIME!! LOL!!!!

IMG_20150127_144624Les Vapeurs!

D’accord.. we got off the train at Deauville and headed across the bridge to Trouville as we were hungry and then some! My gorgeous MD had recommended a restaurant, Les Vapeurs, which was along the boulevard so we headed in that direction and VOILA we found it in exactly the place he had said it was in!

We were greeted with warm smiles and showed to our seats in the rear of the restaurant which afforded us some privacy and Muriel laughter!

We both chose the Moules et Frites and some nice wine and enjoyed the ambiance of the Brasserie and the excellent customer service from the lovely boy who waited on us. At one point my Muriel said ‘what is the time, Muriel, we need to make the 15h20 bus to Honfleur’ and unfortunately, exactly at that time it was the time we should have been on the bus to Honfleur…….. tom pee…… we chose to drink the last of our wine over the bus! LOL

IMG_20150127_194500_168La Plage!

After our lovely lunch, we made our way to the English Channel and walked along the beach.. (maybe the Muriel in me was slightly confused with it being the English Channel, being in France…….. just saying!) I was tempted to run all the way to the water and dip my toes in but Margarita said “no, Muriel” !! LOL so I succumbed to her knowledge and wisdom and then did my best attempt of ‘jumping’ on the sand… she managed to capture me well I think!

From there, we walked and walked and walked the boardwalks of Trouville and Deauville and visited the high end of the retail market in Deauville ie: Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Printemps, Longchamps… gorgeous and them some!

It was getting late, so we headed back in the direction of the Gare and found a very nice little café for our chardy hour where the bar guy was ‘very easy on the eye’ just saying………. and I may have flirted with him by asking his help for Wifi which he couldn’t deliver … still tom pee……. his smile made up for the non delivery! LOL

We had a very easy ride back to Paris and the only thing that made us ‘jump’ was the passing of the train in the opposite direction!!

Needless to say, I chose NOT to use the toilet on this leg of the journey!


 a Bientot!


Bisous de Paris!





  • Cheryl Alderman

    Hahahaha….tears running down my face at your loo-lock in!
    What an adventure. xoxo

    • Roniece

      yes, Muriel.. it was so freaking funny! I think my new title may be “LOO Girl”!! LOL x


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