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I had a nice day today so thought I would share it with you all!

An early morning start!

I was up reasonably early to take myself off to my little local flea market and wander around to see what bargains I could get. The morning was beautiful and I stopped for my regular weekend coffee from Michel who runs his Turkish Café on the corner. It’s nice that I don’t have to tell him what I want, he just knows how I like it and if he is in a ‘chatty’ mood he tries to confuse me by saying ‘yes, I will make your double strength, full milk, warm mocha’.  Sometimes, it works as I nod my head and say ‘ok’ but then quickly come to my senses and realise I am such a Murielle for not paying attention!!  ahh the joys of having a funny Barista!

Trinkets & Treasures!

D’accord.. so with my 1/4 strength, extra hot flat white in hand I head to the markets where I take my time strolling around looking at all the wonderful items that people have for sale. It really is a great atmosphere, majority of stall holders are friendly and approachable and I really enjoy the vibrance of these markets. I chat with Evelyn a girl from New Zealand who has had a stall here for years and we easily converse about all the things we miss about ‘home’, today’s topic was seafood and we both talked longingly about how our Dad’s would get Paua, pippis, oysters, crayfish and whitebait for our families to consume… ahh, some things about home I miss so much!

I visit my flower man next up… well, not my real flower man as he is across the road at the little fruit market but today I bought them from the market flower man (you know I like to spread my friendly Murielleness around!) who ended up giving me a lecture on how to pick up the flowers from the bucket and not pull them up by the plastic covering they were in! ooh note to self.. don’t cross the market flower man!!  LOL  Funny enough, I ended up visiting the fruit market man and apologised for not getting my flowers from him today, he just smiled and said, ‘it’s ok, I know you will come back to me’ 🙂 Gracious wasn’t he!  I told him I was addicted to his lovely fruit juice but that I could easily change that and become addicted to him! LOL… his response “well, that would be ok too, then you would get your juice and your flowers for free’!  LOL.. quite funny really….

From there I headed back home and stopped in to see my lovely friend Maritsa at her shop PRECIOUS TRINKETS & TREASURES and I took her one of the fruit market man’s juices because she is addicted to them too! 🙂 She has just finished her Christmas window display and it looks fabulous!! I wish business would pick up for her as it has been so quiet in retail this month, I think the Australian economy is suffering big time at the moment… where are all my lovely French friends and their Euros when we need them! 🙂

A Murielle nap!

As I had such a busy morning (sic) I chose to take a short Murielle nap upstairs on my bed with the sun filtering thru the amazing tree outside my bedroom window! I must try and take a pic of it for you (not now, as it’s dark!) so you can see the vibrance of the green leaves! When I woke it was close enough to being ‘chardy hour’ so I promptly took myself downstairs to get myself a nice cold beer from the fridge!  Yes, I know I said ‘chardy hour’ but today’s choice was beer as it was such a warm day!

Fush n Chups for dinner!

Can’t beat a good feed of fush n chups can you! (note that was said in my best New Zealand accent too!) I thought it was a very fitting way to end my day after reminiscing with my New Zealand friend Evelyn from the markets this morning!  I posted that on my FB page and ended up getting over 50 comments, I sure do have some crazy New Zealand friends when it comes to all things New Zealand! LOL

So… that was my day, a nice day in all… I was very glad that the sun gods were on my back as I strolled around my little market and I was very glad that I had some laughter fill my day.

I will leave you now with a little bit of my Murielle wisdom…

“Never give up the good things that make you glad”


A bientot!









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