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So, this Friday is the day I have to say ‘au revoir’ to my wonderful assistant Denai….

Denai has been my ‘Rock of Gibraltar’ for the last 2.5yrs in our office. Her role was to manage our Front Desk and during that time she also assisted me with my Office Manager/HR role. When she first commenced with us, she was so nervous and so shy but today there is absolutely no sign of these traits, she is a confident, assertive and very positive young woman who has recently been married to a most wonderful man! (had to put that in because he really is a sweetie and I love him to bits!) She can now stand her ground and has this fantastic ‘can do’ attitude and applies it daily with an effervescent smile. I am very proud and pleased to have mentored her in a small way. I am going to miss her ‘blonde’ moments that’s for sure but having said that, she will most likely miss mine, so we’ll be even! LOL…one of my favourite BM’s with Denai was when she had to clarify that beef steak did actually come from a cow… to this day we refer to it as Cow Steak.. 🙂 Oh and then there was the time when…. oh wait, she might be reading this post, I had best stop myself now! LOL

Denai is leaving me ( yes, it’s all about me people!) to work closer to home and to take on a new challenge in a different industry. I know if she lived closer there would be no way she would be leaving me (I told you it was all about me!) and we would continue on in our own happy office surrounds of laughing, venting, actioning everything from kitchens, to carparks and toilets and of course building on our BM’s together! But alas, no more… the only consolation I have is that she has promised to name her first born after me…………………………… NOT!!! 🙂 nice try RDB!!!



  • Liking the new site a lot, Roniece!

  • Denai

    You are beautiful! you made me tear up why do you have to make this so hard lovely! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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