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Winners: New Zealand All Blacks!!!!


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Finally the big day arrived where the All Blacks (New Zealand) were to play in the final of the 2011 Rugby World Cup at Auckland stadium and their opponents were the very worthy Les Bleus (France) team!

Oh no, which team!

To say I was in a bit of a dilemma as to who to barrack for was an understatement given my love and passion for all things French and my pride and joy of being a true blooded New Zealander!  Mais non.. my allegiance for my home country won thru and I patiently waited all day until the game was televised at 19h00!

A little bit of shopping!

I actually had a great day leading up to the game and as the day was so beautiful and hot I walked up to the local trash and treasure markets held each weekend at the local school and pottered around there listening to the artists singing and playing their songs. The atmosphere of these markets is great as they are held outdoors in the playground of the school. It’s buzzy and lively and everyone is very chilled out and generally you can find some good bargains if you are willing to spend the time. Today I found a beautiful round white china bowl with a lid which I can use for storing some of my choice of day jewellery in on my dresser. It looks perfect actually and I was very happy with my purchase for only AUD$5!!

Pre Game jitters!

Time was getting on and so I made my way to collect my Murielle Louise for the big game. We were again invited to join our friends John and Zena at their beautiful apartment which is close to both our locations and a quick 15 minute drive. Our mutual friend Pat (aka: Charlie) was invited too and it was great to see him again, he always brings such fun and laughter to our get togethers!

We arrived on time and introductions were made for Pat and drinks were poured (well one bottle of beer may have slipped out and smashed to a million pieces on Zena’s floor but we won’t dwell on that!) and we took our seats with us three girls sitting up like Jackie on the couch with the best view of the huge TV while the boys sat on opposite couches … just how we roll Murielle’s!  Did I tell you at this point I was a little nervous about the expected outcome? Oh la laa.. I was, very nervous in fact but I made sure I gulped down my first glass of bubbles (with a lychee in it!) quickly to settle my nerves!

A little bit of French!

To honour my allegiance to my French friends in Paris and Marseille my choice of colours for today’s game was white shorts, red belt, white top and my blue eyes!

National Anthems!

It always is fantastic to experience and be part of the National Anthems for any team during a rugby game and so we all stood with our hands on our hearts (yes, Murielle Louise knew which side her heart was on this time – very proud of her too!) and listened in awe as the French National Anthem was played and the camera’s showed all the proud French supporters in their blue white and red clothing proudly and passionately singing La Marseillaise

Next up was our turn and our New Zealand National Anthem was first sung in Maori then in English by Haley Westenra and I for one just loved it… ahhh memories, but I won’t dwell on that just yet as all too soon we took our seats again and prepared to watch the HAKA!  It really is a spine tingling experience when you see the All Blacks perform this with such passion in their eyes and precision of the movements. Just wonderful every time you see it!   At one point the French team were all holding hands advancing towards them then they linked arms and stood strong and faced them.

Game on!

The whistle blew and ……. c’mon, you are not expecting me to give you a play by play account of the game are you??? You were all supposed to be watching it weren’t you??? After all it was me and my Murielle’s (Louise et Jung Cho Dupuy from Marseille!) team the All Blacks playing against my friend’s (Eric et Michael from Paris and Marc from Marseille!) team so please tell me you at least got to see the final score right??  Mon Dieu! I will just have to tell you then!

Final Score!

New Zealand: 8  France: 7

Can’t get better than that!!!!

Did I tell you I was nervous???? oh yes, I did, didn’t I!  🙂 Well, just to reiterate we all were bloody nervous and I was jumping up and down and willing my boys to pull thru which of course they did in the end!  But it was a tough game, probably one of the toughest games I’ve seen played in the World Cup. The French team played brilliantly to the end… it would have been such a terrible defeat for them and I’m sure they will now be critiquing every move. So, officially I want to congratulate the French team, they did France proud!  (see Marc from Marseille, I am being nice!) 🙂

Winners are Grinners!

Ahhh yes, winners are grinners indeed! The look of relief on the All Blacks faces when the whistle blew at full time was priceless along with the stadium erupting with tears of joy!! Mon Dieu!! A fabulous sight to see and I wished in that moment I was inside the stadium to experience the noise and ambience of the glorious win mais non, I was watching it on a huge TV surrounded by good friends so really it couldn’t get much better than that!


We celebrated with some great food and more wine and we each offered our critiques of the game … ok, ok, us girls tried to get a word in but then we just let the boys take over and we just pretended to understand what they were saying! 🙂 Murielle Louise had made her signature New Zealand dish of Bacon and Egg Pie and our lovely host Muriel Zena (isn’t that a fabulous name by the way!) made her very scrumptious salad which was consumed and enjoyed immensely!  Now that I know Murielle’s trade secret (ssshhh, it’s peas and cheese!) of what she adds to it I may have to tweak my recipe and see what I can come up with – look out Murielle, it’s a Bacon and Egg Pie cook off coming your way! 🙂

D’accord, I’m going to stop writing now… only because the content of the dinner table discussion went a tad down hill fast and all us were the contributors along with raucous laughter and finger pointing and name calling (though some of it was extremely funny…. hmmm… did you know Murielle went for a 7klm walk without her ……. today??) I bet all the tea in China that you are never going to get the right word to insert in that sentence!!!! LOOOOLL!!!

Bring on 2015 Rugby World Cup which is to be hosted in England!


A bientot!









  • Michael

    Oh, get over it already! I’m sure it wasn’t as fun as being in a crowded, smelly pub with a bunch of strange people dressed in black screaming ” Iven mi dintist loves the awl blaacks”! Seriously, we really missed you!

    P.S. Was in the London Tube tonight sitting next to a guy and his dachshund. Thought of you again! Come to think of it, he talked funny too!

    • Anonymous

      London?? What the bloody hell are you doing in London?? I can’t keep up with your jet set travels Michael!!! LOL!!  
      Oh and didn’t you know as Rugby World Cup Champions we get bragging rights for the next FOUR YEARS!!!  LOL  ahhhh sooooo happy about that!!! 🙂 


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