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Please join me as I ramble on about my love of Paris, love of France, love of travel, love of poetry love of family and so much more... I hope you will stay with me and enjoy the ramblings!


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From my heart…

words from Paris... 2014

A collection of my heart words for this year…  I hope you enjoy my ramblings…   You think You think by letting me go leaving my life you will somehow give yourself validation you are wrong you are so wrong you are not even close to being right instead I think by saying it’s over […]

A defining moment…

for me!

Bonjour!   I know I have had some time out from my blog… but don’t give up on me ok, I’m still here, living, laughing and loving as best I can!   What defines me! Recently, one of my besties from Bolton in the UK asked the question on her blog ‘How do you define […]

Just a girl…

with a reputation!

Bonjour!   It strikes me I might have become a girl with a reputation in Paris! Tom pee right… I might even be quite proud of this fact!   I say this because it has suddenly dawned on me that as I walk down rue monge each morning heading to my favorite café Le Petit Cardinal […]

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