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Please join me as I ramble on about my love of Paris, love of France, love of travel, love of poetry love of family and so much more... I hope you will stay with me and enjoy the ramblings!


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My year in Paris…

or make that two!

Bonjour!   Alors, oui, il est moi… I’m writing again…. and, again, I know, it’s been awhile.. tom pee… let’s not dwell on this for too long ok …   Paris living! It will actually be two years this coming January that I have resided in Paris! Two years! I can’t quite believe it myself! But […]

From my heart…

words from Paris... 2014

A collection of my heart words for this year…  I hope you enjoy my ramblings…   More writings circa 2007 – 2009… some are even relevant today!   You are… (words penned for my darling son, Marc in 2008…) You are the light that spreads warmth to my heart You are the candle that shows […]

A defining moment…

for me!

Bonjour!   I know I have had some time out from my blog… but don’t give up on me ok, I’m still here, living, laughing and loving as best I can!   What defines me! Recently, one of my besties from Bolton in the UK asked the question on her blog ‘How do you define […]

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