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Please join me as I ramble on about my love of Paris, love of France, love of travel, love of poetry love of family and so much more... I hope you will stay with me and enjoy the ramblings!


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Vendange, 2013

Jacques Melac Bistrot, 11eme arr. Paris

Vin rouge…

white vans and chocolate!

Bonjour!   I’m not sure why crazy people are attracted to me but I’m telling you they are! Read on, you won’t be disappointed!   Vendange 2013! I’m happy to report we all survived the Vendange in the 11eme arrondissement last Saturday! Some of us even managed to juggle onions on the day! The Sun […]

Just sharing…

my sadness

Bonjour!   Today I’m sad.. and I’m hoping I can share my sadness with you all…   Vale Oliver James! This morning when I woke up and checked my emails the first one on my viewing list was from my husband (well, I guess I need to say “estranged husband” as we are now separated… […]

Just a girl…

living her dream!

Bonjour!   My days are moving along here… temperatures cooling slightly, autumn has just arrived and winter is looming… but nonetheless, all is well!   Update! Alors… the last few weeks have gone relatively quickly for me and did you know yesterday was the first day of Autumn here! That’s how quick it’s going people! […]

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