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Please join me as I ramble on about my love of Paris, love of France, love of travel, love of poetry love of family and so much more... I hope you will stay with me and enjoy the ramblings!


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A day trip…

out of Paris!

Bonjour!   Today, I went on a day trip out of Paris! ZUT! It was soooo much fun!!   Meeting the locals! Alors… my lovely friend and Muriel, Margarita, from Sydney, has been in Paris for the last few days and last night we met at LPC (Le Petit Cardinal) for chardy hour and I introduced […]

Free hugs…


Bonjour!   Wow! another post from me? I bet you are all asking this question…. “is it really her? this is her second post in two days!!!!” …. tom pee.. the answer is OUI!!!   International FREE HUGS DAY! Impressive huh!!… I had the distinct pleasure of being part of this thanks to my lovely […]

One year today…

and all is ok!

Bonjour!   Bonne Annee! I know it’s been awhile since you have heard my dulcet tones…. ok, ok, you don’t actually ‘hear’ me but hopefully, read me right?… tom pee ☺    One year today! Alors.. today, marks the first anniversary of my divorce decree… and the 21st of next month will be when it […]

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